Remembering Elder Velma Orvis

A message from End Homelessness Winnipeg Chairperson, Jason Whitford, in memory of Elder Velma Orvis, who passed away on April 25, 2020.

Remembering Elder Velma Orvis:

Our Beautiful, Loving, Elder Velma Orvis passed away peacefully April 25,2020. Sending much love, prayers and condolences to all family, friends and anyone who had the honour to meet her and was touched by her wisdom, gentleness and kindness. Her beautiful, loving spirit is with the great ancestors now and will always be in our hearts. They say our ancestors are always with us caring for us, helping us and guiding us.

Velma was a kind hearted, wise and soft spoken, respected Elder of our Indigenous community. Velma lived by the teachings and demonstrated non-judgmental love to all her relations. She guided others by examples of helping, teaching, sharing, respecting and showing love for those who are suffering. Velma reminded us our identity, our spirituality, the struggles we face, the power of prayer, the need for kindness and healing.

We were honoured to have Elder Velma in our circle, to provide guidance to our work. End Homelessness Winnipeg will be providing condolences to Velma’s family. We will each honour Velma’s memory in our own way, whether by feast, through prayer or other. We will also honour her by working in unity to create change and opportunity for those experiencing homelessness.


Jason Whitford
Chairperson, End Homelessness Winnipeg

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Elder Velma Orvis, preparing for a Pipe Ceremony at the launch of End Homelessness Winnipeg’s 5-Year Plan on October 28, 2019 at Thunderbird House, Winnipeg