Kíkinanaw Óma Strategy: 1 Year Later

Kíkinanaw Óma: A Strategy to Support Unsheltered Winnipeggers was released in June 2020. The one-year anniversary of Kíkinanaw Óma offers the opportunity to reflect on progress and reaffirm next steps toward ending unsheltered homelessness in Winnipeg.

Since the release of the Strategy, rapid progress has been made on some of its six recommendations, while barriers have emerged to the implementation of others. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased urgency for addressing homelessness, building broad awareness that housing is health care. However, COVID-19 has also increased the visibility of unsheltered homelessness in Winnipeg. Outreach services have expanded and work in ever-closer collaboration, supported by strong relationships with first responders when emergencies arise. New and expanded Safe Spaces have emerged, and several new housing initiatives are in development to address key gaps in Winnipeg’s housing continuum that contribute to unsheltered homelessness. Yet need may be outpacing the construction of these developments, while rising housing costs continue to keep safe homes out of reach for many.

Download the Kíkinanaw Óma Unsheltered Strategy 1-Year Report here.

A virtual community event was held to discuss the report and progress on key recommendations on Wednesday, July 7, 2021. You can watch a video from that event here.

The Strategy was created in collaboration as a group facilitated by End Homelessness Winnipeg, with representation from the City of Winnipeg, first responders, outreach workers, homeless-serving agencies and people with lived experience of homelessness. The name Kíkinanaw Óma, gifted by Elder Belinda Vandenbroeck, can be translated as “This is our Home Here” from Cree.