Marie Cecile Kotyk is the Manager of Housing Access (currently on leave). Marie Cecile has several years’ experience in the public and non-profit sector with comprehensive knowledge and a passion for designing and managing housing and community development projects. Marie Cecile’s accomplishments include working on the At Home/Chez Soi national research demonstration project where she was instrumental in procuring 200 rental units for homeless participants in Winnipeg. She has a track record of sustaining 85% tenancy rate for clients by negotiating and successfully resolving conflicts between landlords and tenants while also reducing landlord vacancy and turnover costs by an average of $1,500 per unit. Marie Cecile has an under graduate degree in Human Ecology – Family Social Science with concentrations in Family, Housing and Community, and Family Resource management with a minor in Psychology from the University of Manitoba. She further earned her Masters in City Planning in 2013, also from the University of Manitoba, where she completed her practicum and wrote her thesis on Indigenous Planning: Process and Development of a Community Housing Plan for Swan Lake First Nation.