Sydney Bee comes from God’s Lake Narrows, Manitoba. It is a northern fly-in community located about 1000KMs northeast of Winnipeg. Sydney relocated to Winnipeg with my mother and younger brother.

After experiencing 14 years with addiction and 3 years of homelessness, Sydney connected to supports at EAGLE Urban Transition Centre (EUTC). Through EUTC, Sydney completed an internship as Youth Housing Transition Support. This led to opportunities presenting on the services that EUTC provides and telling his story to give audiences a first-hand look at EUTC's work. Sydney has also developed resource guides for EUTC on topics ranging from disabilities to Jordan’s Principle. He has been invited to Assemblies of Chiefs and told his story to Manitoba’s First Nations Chiefs. He has been on Speakers Bureau for 2 years now and told his story for the Campaigning of United Way Winnipeg in 2018. He has attended many forums and conferences to speak on behalf of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and EAGLE Urban Transition Centre. Sydney has been accepted as a mature student to the University of Manitoba and holds a full time position as a Community Transition Counsellor.

Having lived experience is something that Sydney credits with helping him relate more to the people he helps. Giving inspiration to others who want to start a change is what drives him to continue to do the work he does.