Tammy Westaway works as HIFIS4 (Homeless Individuals and Families Information System – Version 4) Information Coordinator, engaging with participating organizations to find efficiencies through HIFIS, a national data-sharing platform for the homeless-serving sector. Direct Service Providers have come together to share resources and supports for information gathering and reporting. Tammy’s role as HIFIS4 Information Coordinator is to make the information collection and reporting useful for these organizations to better serve their community members. Along with providing improved service to clients, organizations can use this information for internal strategic planning, organizational reviews and evaluations, as well as outcome reporting. With a University background in economics and sociology, Tammy’s previous experience comes from the grain industry where she worked as a Statistical Analyst. Her work was primarily computer-based and involved using many different types of software to evaluate and present information. Tammy was a volunteer board member at Community Respite Service for 10 years, serving as Treasurer for most of that time, and enjoys playing women’s hockey and watching her kids take part in hockey, soccer, baseball and Hip Hop.