Since April 1, 2019, End Homelessness Winnipeg serves as Community Entity (CE) for the Government of Canada’s Reaching Home homelessness strategy in Winnipeg. The Government of Canada launched Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy in 2019 following the conclusion of the Homelessness Partnering Strategy. Reaching Home provides direct federal funding for communities across Canada to support their efforts addressing local needs and specific homelessness priorities. The City of Winnipeg served as CE under the previous Homelessness Partnering Strategy (2012-2019) and worked with End Homelessness Winnipeg to ensure a smooth transition of the CE role in 2019.

As CE, End Homelessness Winnipeg is administering more than $10 million in Reaching Home funds during 2020-21 to support vulnerable Winnipeggers in maintaining safe, stable and affordable housing.

The Government of Canada defines the CE’s role as follows:

  • Providing administrative and other supports to the Community Advisory board (CAB)
  • Receiving all requests for funding
  • Working with community stakeholders to oversee the development and implementation of a systems-based approach to addressing homelessness
  • Supporting a transition to an outcomes-based approach
  • Soliciting proposals for community projects
  • Approving projects recommended by the CAB in accordance with program terms and conditions
  • Contracting and monitoring all projects
  • Reporting on its activities and disbursement of fund
  • Collecting and sharing data and information
  • Reporting on the results and outcomes of all funded projects
  • Submitting an annual work plan
  • Monitoring and reporting on the development, implementation and success of the community plan including identified gaps in services that have been filled and those remaining, new partnerships forged, and extent to which priorities have been met through sub-projects.

Since 2015, End Homelessness Winnipeg has served as the backbone organization overseeing implementation of the 10-year Plan to End Homelessness in Winnipeg by focusing on four pillars:

  • Preventing homelessness
  • Coordinating access to housing services
  • Integrating systems for the homeless-serving sector
  • Measuring progress toward evidence-based best practices

Implementing Reaching Home and the 10-year plan involves ongoing partnership, collaboration and investment from all community partners and all levels of government as well as guidance and direction from the CAB. The Government of Canada has outlined CAB’s responsibilities as follows:

  • Approving community plans
  • Assessing and recommending projects for CE funding
  • Being representative of the community
  • Supporting CEs in governance, planning and implementing Reaching Home
  • Developing terms of reference for the CAB and other CAB-related policies and procedure

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