2018 Winnipeg Street Health Survey Fact Sheet #4

Read the fourth and final Fact Sheet drawn from the 2018 Winnipeg Street Health Survey Final Report. Between July and October 2018, 406 individuals took part in the 2018 Winnipeg Street Health Survey. End Homelessness Winnipeg launched the survey’s Final Report in February, 2019.

The Final Report shares findings on the self-reported health status, housing, and social service needs of individuals experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg. The survey and report were completed as a result of collective effort by many local organizations working in partnership.

In order to support engagement with the survey’s findings, End Homelessness Winnipeg has released a series of 4 Fact Sheets in 2019-2020, highlighting different aspects of the survey research. The fourth Fact Sheet addresses survey participants’ self-reported experiences with aspects of daily living such as eating, sleeping and working.

Download Fact Sheet #4 in .pdf format here.

You can find the other 3 Fact Sheets in this series here, here and here.