Our Mandate

End Homelessness Winnipeg receives its mandate from the 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness in Winnipeg, launched in 2014. The Plan includes distinctive elements:

  • Adoption of a Collective Impact model that calls for stakeholders to build a common agenda, undertake in mutually reinforcing activities and engage in continuous communication with backbone support
  • A backbone organization to provide this support: End Homelessness Winnipeg
  • Ongoing engagement and collaboration of groups and organizations across all sectors that serve people who experience homelessness
  • Focus on homelessness prevention, at both a systems and individual level
  • Emphasis on Housing First, an approach that recognizes stable housing as the primary need of anyone experiencing homelessness
  • Commitment to increase the supply of housing, creating permanent housing alternatives to emergency shelters and unsheltered homelessness
  • Measurable outcomes

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