Winnipeg Rental Housing Supply Baseline Scan 2021

End Homelessness Winnipeg has released the Winnipeg Rental Housing Supply Baseline Scan for 2021, offering a snapshot of rental housing that can be repeated over time, to illustrate how the city’s housing supply is changing. 

Previously, there was no full understanding of what exists across rental housing types in Winnipeg, posing a challenge for policy makers and housing providers seeking to align efforts with priority needs along the city’s housing continuum. The Scan provides a starting point for tracking progress toward the goal of creating housing supply needed to help end homelessness in Winnipeg. The Scan will also help to inform costing and needs analysis for achieving this goal. The plan is to update and release the Scan annually as a shared information resource. While the launch of the first annual Scan comes with limitations on understanding changes to Winnipeg’s rental housing supply in recent years, preliminary findings point to a critical need for greater supply of geared-to-income rental housing, which has decreased by 6% over the past two years. 

“Adequate affordable housing supply is critical to ending homelessness in Winnipeg,” notes End Homelessness Winnipeg Housing Supply Manager, Lauren Lange. “Over time, this Scan will help demonstrate whether we are moving in the right direction, or falling off track. The Scan will serve as a go-to resource for non-profits, educators, and decision-makers working to align housing priorities and investments with local need.” 

Download the scan here.