When is the Gizhe Waa Ti-Sii-Win Service Delivery Expo being held?

Spring 2019- Date and Times – To Be Determined

Where is it?

Location – To Be Determined.

How can I take part in the event?

In order to access services, we ask that you register onsite the day of the event.

What can I expect when I attend?

When the doors open, a friendly greeter will meet you and direct you to the registration area.  At the registration tables, registration volunteers will ask a few questions to help identify the top services that you would like to access that day.  You have the option of having a guide to accompany you to the service area and their services.  Lunch will be provided to Guests starting at noon and ending at 1:00 p.m. When you are ready to leave, you can fill out an exit survey to provide us with some feedback. We will also provide you with a self-care gift package to take with you.

What services are offered onsite?

You will find a variety of services ranging from physical health care to setting up bank accounts and more.