COVID-19 Update #8

The COVID-19 Response for Winnipeg’s homeless-serving sector, facilitated by End Homelessness Winnipeg, is shifting focus to look at lessons learned and next steps for protecting the health and safety of those experiencing homelessness. More than 60 local and regional agencies are working together to support this effort.

New Developments

Next week, Salvation Army Weetamah at 324 Logan will begin hosting a daytime drop-in from 9am-4pm, complementing its new community computer lab, available Tuesdays through Thursdays from 9am-12pm and 12:30pm-3pm. You can print and share a poster for the computer lab here. A new COVID-19 testing site at Thunderbird House is also anticipated to open next week.


Community organizations have raised concerns with the impacts of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) on those receiving provincial Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) benefits. End Homelessness Winnipeg has been in contact with EIA about some of these concerns and questions. Those receiving both CERB and EIA will have to complete an EIA eligibility assessment. This assessment could result in reduced or discontinued EIA financial supports for those receiving CERB. Those affected can still access EIA support for medical, optical, dental and prescriptions for up to 2 years. EIA is writing an FAQ for service providers on the impacts of CERB. For now, providers should discuss EIA income reporting requirements with those they serve. CERB is a federal benefit with its own recovery processes for people who received it but were not eligible. The only instance where EIA should create an overpayment due to CERB is where benefits were doubled up due to a person not declaring their CERB income to EIA. More information to come.


End Homelessness Winnipeg’s COVID-19 Resources for Winnipeg’s Homeless-Serving Sector page hosts updated info and guidance on prevention, protective equipment, screening, testing, isolation and operations for the sector.

End Homelessness Winnipeg’s offices remain closed, with staff working remotely at this time. For more information, email or visit End Homelessness Winnipeg on Facebook and Twitter. Ekosani, Miigwetch, Maarsii, Thank you.