COVID-19 Update #4

The COVID-19 Response facilitated by End Homelessness Winnipeg has engaged with more than five dozen local and regional agencies across the homeless-serving sector, including WRHA and City of Winnipeg representatives. This engagement has resulted in a COVID-19 Response plan for Winnipeg to address prevention, screening, testing, isolation and quarantine needs for those experiencing and at risk of homelessness. The Response plan is informed by End Homelessness Winnipeg’s mission: to create lasting solutions with our community that prevent and end homelessness.

Resourcing COVID-19 Priorities

End Homelessness Winnipeg is working with philanthropic partners and all levels of government, including Indigenous governments, to resource priorities identified under the Response plan. On March 18, the federal government announced additional Reaching Home funding to “support people experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 outbreak.” As Community Entity responsible for administering federal Reaching Home funds locally, End Homelessness Winnipeg, with guidance from the Community Advisory Board for Reaching Home, will be allocating $2.9 million to priority areas identified by our community’s Response plan, in line with Reaching Home directives for COVID-19. Already, End Homelessness Winnipeg has granted $200,000 in immediate support of testing, isolation, emergency shelter, and meals for those without a home.

Guidance for Providers

End Homelessness Winnipeg has added a page to its website listing COVID-19 Resources for Winnipeg’s Homeless-Serving Sector. The resources have been compiled to support agencies delivering essential services for those experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg in the context of the pandemic.

For up to date information on Public Health guidance and best practices, visit Shared Health Manitoba. For information on community resources and services available to individuals experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg during the pandemic, visit HelpSeeker or 211. For more information and updates, please contact or visit End Homelessness Winnipeg on Facebook and Twitter.

Maarsii, Miigwetch and thank you for your for your efforts at this time. Together, we can flatten the curve to protect the health of our neighbours and relatives.