24-7 Safe Spaces in Winnipeg

End Homelessness Winnipeg recently shared its recommendations for 24-7 Safe Spaces with the City of Winnipeg. Learn more about why 24-7 Safe Spaces are needed and what criteria are important to consider in setting up new 24-7 Safe Spaces.

On July 2, the City of Winnipeg’s Executive Policy Committee passed a motion to bring forward options in the 2020 multi-year budget process to fund additional 24-7 Safe Spaces in the city. End Homelessness Winnipeg was tasked with conducting a scan of existing research and strategies, as well as outreach to local service agencies to explore local capacity for new or expanded 24-7 Safe Spaces. The project team included representation from End Homelessness Winnipeg & City of Winnipeg’s Community Services Department.

Based on this research, End Homelessness Winnipeg has recommended that City Council should consider funding (through a multi-year grant) an existing agency whose mandate it is to work with one or more of the priority populations:
• Women
• People who use drugs
• Youth
• Sexually exploited girls and women

The grant application could be based on the following best practices and require applicants to outline how they satisfy them:
✓ Indigenous organization or Indigenous-led services
✓ Trauma-informed approach
✓ Staff with lived/living experience
✓ Harm reduction approach
✓ Access to on-site skilled medical/mental health staff

Download the full report and recommendations in .pdf format here: 24-7-safe-spaces