2020 Extreme Heat Response Plan

Download the 2021 Extreme Weather Response Plan here.

As temperatures rise and summer begins, End Homelessness Winnipeg launches the Extreme Heat Response Plan for 2020. This homeless-centred guide was created in collaboration by the Extreme Weather Response Steering Committee. The committee’s members include representatives from emergency shelters, outreach services, City departments, Health services and Environment Canada.

The Plan is a resource to keep all Winnipeggers safe during extreme hot weather. It has a special focus for those who experience homelessness and are thus at greater risk of exposure. The Plan offers information on extreme hot weather conditions, recognizing heat illness, as well as safety and first aid for hot weather-related concerns. The plan also includes homeless-centred resources available in Winnipeg during extreme hot weather periods. The plan sets out different roles and responsibilities for stakeholders providing supportive responses during extremely hot weather.

Download the Extreme Heat Response plan in .pdf format here.

Download a poster with info on drop-in cooling locations in .pdf format here.

Download a graphic on recognizing signs of heat sickness here.

For more information, please contact End Homelessness Winnipeg.