Community Safety Recommendations

End Homelessness Winnipeg recently submitted feedback to the Manitoba Police Commission’s call for recommendations to make downtown Winnipeg a safer place, and to the City of Winnipeg’s engagement towards developing a Community Safety Strategic Action Plan designed to make communities safe. Continue reading “Community Safety Recommendations”

Extreme Cold Weather Response Plan 2019-20

Download the 2021 Extreme Weather Response Plan here.

Extreme Cold Weather Response: A Homelessness Centered Plan for Keeping Winnipeggers Safe in Winter provides information on preventing, recognizing and responding to cold illness. The plan also includes warming resources to help Winnipeggers remain safe during Manitoba’s winter weather.  Continue reading “Extreme Cold Weather Response Plan 2019-20”

2018 Winnipeg Street Health Survey Fact Sheet #3

Read the third in a series of Fact Sheets drawn from the 2018 Winnipeg Street Health Survey Final Report. Between July and October 2018, 406 individuals took part in the 2018 Winnipeg Street Health Survey. End Homelessness Winnipeg  launched the survey’s Final Report in February, 2019. Continue reading “2018 Winnipeg Street Health Survey Fact Sheet #3”