2019-2020 Annual Report to our Community

Housing Through Collaboration: End Homelessness Winnipeg’s 2019-2020 Annual Report to our Community, covers highlights of our work this past year. Read about our progress on the four pillars of Increasing Housing Supply, Providing Supports, Preventing Homelessness and  Measuring Progress. The Report also includes audited financial statements and information on governance, working committees and staff.

This past year, End Homelessness Winnipeg navigated many changes, becoming both an Indigenous organization and the Community Entity responsible for administering federal funding locally under Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy. The organization continued its backbone work to support collaborative responses for Homelessness Prevention, Unsheltered Homelessness, Housing Supply, and COVID-19. The title of this year’s report comes from the housing initiative pitched by End Homelessness Winnipeg that won the Reframe Competition in 2019: a national award supporting innovation in affordable housing.

Download the Report in .pdf format here.