Gi-zhe Waa Ti-Sii-Win Winnipeg – Service Sector Expo

Gi-zhe Waa Ti-Sii-Win translated means “working with love/kindness/generosity for others.” This is a volunteer-driven, community-based initiative that will provide free appropriate services to people experiencing and those at risk of homelessness, on one day and at one location. Gi-zhe Waa Ti-Sii-Win Winnipeg was initiated in partnership with the Manitoba Financial Empowerment Network, and agencies in the homelessness service sector.  It is being coordinated by End Homelessness Winnipeg as part of its collective approach to address the root causes of homelessness and prevent its occurence and will take place on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

The mission of this Expo is to provide services that will create paths out of homelessness, build lasting partnerships, raise public awareness of homelessness in the community, and provide a vehicle for community involvement in addressing the issue of homelessness. We are expecting to receive approximately 300+ guests looking to access essential and dignity-enhancing services. Our guests will have the opportunity to create genuine connections within the community, sharing their stories with volunteers and building relationships from various community organizations that they can carry on after the event.